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Why Are Checkups So Important Following Dental Implants?
Posted on 3/13/2018 by Tuttle Crossing Dental Group
If you think that all your dental problems are magically solved once you get a dental implant, then you are making a very bad assumption. Good oral health is achieved not by the amount of dental operations you have undergone, but by the amount of care that is given to your teeth and gums. Post operation checkups are the norm when it comes to care after the surgery, and this is not just a formality. Your dental service provider needs to check if the implants are doing fine, if there are any changes, or if there are some important issues that need to be addressed. Checkups After Dental Implants are Standard ProcedureThe frequency of the checkups after the dental implants really depends on whether or not the dental implant is a full or partial one, your dental health history and other special conditions. What most people think is that dental implants can be left by themselves since it is all artificial and should be very sturdy. What they do not know is that improper handling will make the wear and tear faster, making your dental implant break down quickly. Follow up checkups are necessary since it is normal to experience pain and swelling within the first few days from the operation. Also, some patients already have some kind of gum disease even before the operation, and the condition of their oral health must be known and analyzed first so that the most efficient solution would be applied. Usually, a follow up check up will be done at the very least within the first six months, since the dental implants would also be cleaned, as well as determining whether your gums need more dental attention. If you have any concerns or questions about dental implants, drop by our clinic and let us have a good and healthy discussion....

What Types of Problems Can Dental Bonding Cover?
Posted on 2/25/2018 by Tuttle Crossing Dental Group
There are numerous types of dental problems that dental bonding is able to cover and protect. This is because dental bonding is one of those procedures that is a fix-all for so many things. If you are experiencing any of these problems and want to have a full-on smile once again, then dental bonding might be the best choice for you to go with in terms of affordability and easiest procedure. Dental Problems Covered with Dental BondingThere are many dental problems that you can cover with the use of dental bonding such as spaces between teeth that leave gaps, if you want to change the shape of the teeth or to smooth jagged, sharp teeth out, chipped or cracked teeth can be repaired with the use of bonding, decayed teeth are repaired using resins that are placed inside the teeth. Any discolored teeth in the mouth can be repaired using dental bonding. This provides them with a veneer like appearance on the outside. You can then smile with brighter, whiter teeth by using the resin that is placed and shaped on the outside. If the teeth are too short in the mouth, bonding can help lengthen them to give them a better appearance in the mouth. They can also protect the root of the teeth that become exposed with the gums in the mouth start to recede. This can protect the mouth to ensure that the mouth does not hurt because of the exposed roots in the mouth. If you have more questions about dental bonding or if you have an issue that you would like to have fixed, give us a call here. We can provide you with even more information regarding the dental bonding we can provide. We ensure that you're happy with the smile that you have by providing the dental bonding needed to fix the problems....

What Perks Do You Get When You Get Customized Dentures?
Posted on 2/15/2018 by Tuttle Crossing Dental Group
Customized dentures are currently an option in the dental world. Not many people know about them, however, and might not take advantage of them when it comes to having a better fit, a more comfortable experience and best-looking teeth overall. Learn all of the benefits that come with customized dentures and getting them for yourself. What are Customized Dentures?Each of the dentures that are provided through customization are made to match the age, face shape and other aspects of the person so that they fit perfectly inside their mouth. Customized dentures are easily able to fit inside the mouth, connect to the gums with ease and the teeth on the product match the age and face shape of the person wearing them, making them appear younger and natural. Benefits of Customized DenturesCustomized dentures come with many benefits that many are unable to get with dentures that are not customized to fit perfectly within the mouth. Other benefits include looking younger and more youthful, having teeth that match the look of your face, having a more comfortable fit of dentures and being able to smile in confidence with dentures that do not slip out when you smile, talk or eat with them in. They are a natural denture that can provide the user with many benefits for years to come. They are customized to each person so that no two look the same. Traditional dentures are made to fit within the mouth but not to fit perfectly inside without slipping, unlike customized dentures. If you want to know more about customized dentures or if you want to find out if you can have a pair matched to the shape of your mouth, speak with our professionals here. We are more than happy to help you. We can set you up with a consultation for the dentures you'd like to have....

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