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Dangers of Exercising Too Soon Following Dental Implant Placement

Posted on 5/15/2018 by Tuttle Crossing Dental Group
Dental Implant Tuttle Crossing Dental Group OH 43017Once you've had dental implant surgery we'll give you some simple instructions you'll need to follow throughout your recovery. This includes information on what activities you can do afterwards.

What you can do After Dental Implant Placement

On the day of your surgery, you'll need to go home and rest. You should try to remain lying down or leaning back.

Although you probably won't feel any pain on that day, you still need to be careful when standing up and moving around because you can easily become light headed with any type of sudden movement.

This is also why you shouldn't exercise right away after having dental implant surgery. Even if you exercise on a regular basis, you shouldn't resume your routine for three or four days after your surgery.
Things like bending, lifting, and strenuous activity can increase bleeding, swelling, and pain. Part of this is because after surgery, you can't eat like you normally do so, you're a bit weaker than normal.

When you're finally able to start exercising again, you should watch for bleeding. If this happens, stop what you're doing immediately and contact us. This is something you'll usually only experience with strenuous sports though (e.g. boxing, karate, football, hockey). You should always wear a mouth guard when engaging in sports like these too.

Precautionary measures are a good thing to take since you want to continue maintaining a healthy, shiny smile. It's only natural that you may have questions about your exercise routine. Although we encourage you to talk to us at the time of your dental implant placement, you should never ""fear"" reaching out to us.

We're here for you from the moment we suggest getting dental implants to the point you feel comfortable like you would with your natural teeth. This is why we hope we're the ones you call upon for this surgery.

5155 Bradenton Ave, Suite 110, , Dublin, OH 43017

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